Echoes of the past: Former Mayor visits children at playgroup

editorial image

Calderdale Mayor Tom McElroy drops in to see the helpers and children at the Wellholme Park play group.

Coun McElroy was the mayor for the years 1991-1992 - I suspect these young children would have been more impressed in having their photographs taken than seeing who the special visitor was that day.

The helpers on this photograph include: Gail Tomis, Francis Sheard and Una Brooke. Some of the other VIPs include Anne Crowther a representative from BT, Jenny Holdsworth the officer in-charge and David Gurr the assistant director of social services.

How times have changed when the mayor visited our school back in the 1950s and most of the 1960s he would arrive wearing his red robe and hat which I believe is called either a Bicorn or Tricorn and he would be wearing the full mayoral chain.

Most of the smaller children would now be almost 30 years old and until they see this photograph will have little memory of that day when the mayor came calling.

Tom McElroy, died in 2006 and was described as one of Calderdale’s most active, best known and respected politicians. I am sure he would have brought a smile to all those who came in contact with him, even these youngsters.

To many, he was a man who was once seen, never forgotten.