Echoes of the past: Clowning around on the Tesco float at Brighouse Gala

editorial image

With Christmas just a fading memory of a few weeks ago some of our event organisers will already be thinking and planning the major events Brighouse will be having during the summer months.

Brighouse Gala already 50 years old I wonder what this year will bring us - whatever, it will be just one of the major events held during the summer.

I wonder where some of the folks on this Tesco gala float are now? It may be 26 years ago, the photograph was taken on June 30 1990, since they all dressed.

Dressed up as clowns and looking at the three characters at the back of the wagon just who is it dressed as a gorilla and are those to the left could they be two lamas?

Whatever they are I am sure all those on the float which according to the signage behind the three animals is representing ‘The Greatest Show On Earth...’ all had a good time and raised lots of money in their buckets.