Echoes of the past: Cleaning up at Sunnybank Terrace

editorial image

These seven children are having a well earned break from taking part in a clean-up operation at Sunnybank Terrace.

Looking at the reflection in the window behind the children, as well as being able to see the photographer you can also see quite a number of people looking on as well.

Those are likely to be proud mums and dads encouraging the children to smile for the camera and not to make any funny faces.

The seven children posing for this photograph in September 1995 are: (back row left to right) Katie Langford; Richard Langford; Lee Goldspink and Luke Bollard.

Front row: Craig and Kirsty Horton and Perry Boothroyd.

This was taken 21 years ago. They have all seen many changes in those years.

With their schooldays behind them now, all will have chosen their own path into the future as adults.

Looking back on this photograph is just a snapshot in time from their childhood days and one that will bring back a happy memory from all those years ago.