Cat’s 128-mile trip to Brighouse

Julia Hall with George who travelled from Wales to Brighouse.
Julia Hall with George who travelled from Wales to Brighouse.

A cat that went missing from his Welsh home more than six weeks ago has been found 128 miles away in Brighouse.

The pet was found by Julia Hill in Brighouse on Easter Monday and she has taken care of 18-year-old George for more than a week.

“I found him under a neighbour’s car and he looked quite thin so I offered him some food and water,” she said.

With some careful persuasion she managed to coax him out after a couple of hisses.

She put together a little shelter for him in her garden.

The next day Mrs Hill took him down to Brighouse Vets when they found out that he was microchipped to a Mrs Davison at an address in Colwyn Bay.

It was initially thought his owners had moved to West Yorkshire and forgot to update his details.

George was quite poorly and had to be put on a course of antibiotics.

“We tried ringing the number but it had been disconnected,” she said.

“I took him home and tried looking on the RSPCA website and I eventually posted a picture of him on a Facebook page for lost and founds in Yorkshire.”

From posting the appeal the story was shared on websites and his owner Gemma Davison-Lemalle, from Llanrwst in Conwy Valley, saw the appeal after looking for him for six weeks.

Mystery surrounds how the moggie made his way to West Yorkshire but his owner has a theory of how he might have made the trip.

“Because they live close to a caravan park they think that he has jumped into someone’s van or caravan,” said Mrs Hall

“He is quite mischievous by all accounts.”

Julia has now organised a reunion with Gemma to return George back to his Welsh roots after keeping him warm and well fed while trying to trace his owners.

“He is quite healthy now so I hope that his trip hasn’t taken too much out of him.

“I have become a little bit attached to him but they’ve had him since he was three weeks old so it’s really nice that we have managed to find his owners,” she said.