Passenger anger as disruption continues

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MORE than 3,000 rail commuters have been affected every day this week by ongoing problems disrupting trains at Brighouse.

Network Rail reported a problem with line side equipment at Bradley on Monday morning with investigation work being carried out.

With the ongoing repairs, passengers have been finding alternative travel with many commuters angry that there has been a lack of information about the disruption and the extra time it is adding to their journey.

Richard Young, from Huddersfield, is a regular user of the railway for work.

“It has been very frustrating. Some days it has been easier to drive to Sowerby Bridge to get the train I want. The thing is you don’t want to get on a coach as you don’t know what time it will arrive.

“There are no announcements on the trains either about the problems.

“Up until the recent problems the trains had been running very smoothly.”

Another Brighouse commuter who uses the train from Brighouse to work in Huddersfield said: “It is inconvenient. The information says coaches arrive here at 25 past the hour but some haven’t turned up until on the hour.

“It’s like they haven’t been organised properly. A lot of people have been using the buses and their cars instead. We can ask for a refund but many don’t want to go through all that and pay the extra money of the bus.”

A Rippondon man travelling to Huddersfield from Sowerby Bridge added that there was no announcement on the trains about the problems between Brighouse and Huddersfield and the experience had put him off using the trains.

Network Rail said that 3,600 regular passengers have been affected over the past three days.

A spokesman for Network Rail said: “The points at Bradley have been very badly damaged. Therefore it requires a new part which we are sourcing as quickly as we can. Unfortunately this is a fairly specialist piece of kit so it is taking some time.

“Please be assured everything possible is being done to find a part and return to full service.

“The damaged points are preventing Northern trains stopping at Huddersfield and Deighton east-bound only. The cause of the damage is still under investigation.

“We are operating bus replacement services from Halifax to Huddersfield, these are departing at ten minutes past the hour from Halifax. Services from Huddersfield to Halifax are running as normal. This has been the case for the last few days.

“Network Rail apologises for any inconvenience and updates will be given to National Rail enquiries, passengers are advised to check before travelling.”