Paralysed kitten learns to walk again thanks to Kim

A feral kitten who cheated death twice and became paralysed from the neck down, has regained the use of her legs thanks to a Brighouse woman.

Thursday, 30th June 2016, 12:59 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:13 pm
Kim Breckon with kitten Carrie.

Carrie the kitten was rescued when she was three weeks old by Kim Breckon, who had been attempting to help Carrie’s injured mum. After someone tipped them off that they’d heard more meowing nearby, Kim decided to investigate.

“We didn’t know she’d had kittens until we got through all the sharp brambles. At the end were these two kittens full of cat flu at death’s door.

“Their mum had carried on taking care of them really well, despite having a maggot infested leg but I didn’t think they’d survive.”

Kim, of Hove Edge, rushed the kittens to the PDSA’s 24 hour clinic to get them checked over and stock up on the formula needed to help the pair make it through the night.

The kittens grew up to become Cash and Carrie – their namesake coming from the building they were found behind.

Sadly tragedy was to strike again in March this year when Kim opened her kitchen door to see Carrie lying limp, unable to move.

“Her front paw was completely dead and when I put her down she just flopped. We weren’t sure what had happened at that point but the vet agreed that she may have fallen off the fridge in the night and damaged her neck and spine.

“I had to decide if it was time to let her go because the vet thought she wouldn’t survive and if she did she may never be mobile again.

Reluctantly the vets allowed Kim to take Carrie home despite showing no signs of improvement.

“I got her home at 10pm that night and put her in the litter tray, immediately she used it which was a sign that her internal organs were functioning.”

Quick thinking Kim took Carrie to her own vet for a second opinion and used home video recordings of her beloved pet to show vets that despite ‘suddenly becoming paralysed again’ in the vets the frightened feline was actually progressing really well.

Kim spent the next two weeks off of work massaging Carrie’s muscles and spine with the advice of a friend who had experience in rescuing cats. Six weeks later she was able to put weight on her paws.

“She could have quite easily given up but has amazing determination. She’s certainly used two of her nine lives so far – if not more!”

Carrie and Kim have now been crowned Pet Hut Hero from their store in Halifax after entering a competition on social media.