Overdue fees force nursery to close

Organised Chaos, Birkby Lane, Bailiff Bridge.
Organised Chaos, Birkby Lane, Bailiff Bridge.
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A Bailiff Bridge nursery has closed but not because of its recent Ofsted report.

The owner of Organised Chaos Charlotte Rayner said she had made the tough decision to close the nursery after four and a half years because of overdue fees not because Ofsted had deemed the nursery ‘inadequate’.

She said that if the nursery had been staying open she is confident that it could have been turned around quite easily. “We were challenging the report but another inspector came last week and said everything was fine and it was a shame we were closing because we would have got a better rating,” she said.

The inspector had a tour of the premises in Birkby Lane and asked the staff and parents about the facility. “If the nursery had been unsafe or contaminated and staff didn’t know what they were doing then Ofsted would have closed it down right away.

“The report said that none of the staff knew about the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage but we have had the same staff for the last four and a half years and they have never said before they didn’t have the training.

“These are some of the things we wanted to question. All of a sudden we went from getting good Ofsted reports to getting told we didn’t know what we were doing.”

Charlotte started the nursery after she struggled to find a suitable nursery for her own children. “I wanted to start somewhere up which was a loving environment, if it made a profit then bonus but if we did it went straight back into the nursery,” said Charlotte who lives and works in Dubai. “It wasn’t an easy decision to make. It was my baby and we had many of children there from being babies. I just wanted a place that children could feel comfortable.

“All the staff are upset that it has now closed.”

The nursery closed its doors last Friday. Since then several parents have contacted the Brighouse Echo saying they didn’t agree with the inspection report and would not think twice about sending their children to Organised Chaos.

Emma Lock whose daughter has attended the nursery since last September said: “She settled in straight away. I find the staff very professional, loving towards the children, friendly and easy to approach.

“Since starting at the nursery my daughter has come on leaps and bounds, within weeks of being there she knew all her alphabet and shapes, almost every week she comes home having learnt something new. At the moment I am currently on maternity leave and I am due to go back to work in January. I was hoping to also send my baby girl to Organised Chaos as I know that she will be very well looked after.

“Ofsted say that children are not always protected from risk of cross-infection as some areas of the premises are not always cleaned effectively. Can I just state that my child has only ever been off nursery twice due to being ill once with chicken pox and once with sickness bug which she caught from her older sister who is at school.

“I would not think twice to send any of my children to Organised Chaos.”

Tanya Hewitt agreed. “My son has attended this nursery since last July and has been going every day since then. He settled in straight away and the staff are friendly, easy to approach, loving towards all the children and are very professional in what they do.

“Since starting Organised Chaos my son has come on leaps and bounds. He’s learnt his shapes, how to recognise letters and numbers. Every week he comes home knowing something new and that’s all thanks to the staff. I’ve also a daughter at 15 months and I wouldn’t think twice of sending her to this nursery.”

Abid Ditta said staff were fantastic with his children. “The nursery has been good about everything. The staff are really good and do a lot for the children. Half the time they didn’t want to come home because they enjoyed it so much.”