Meet our gran – the emergency midwife

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A BRIGHOUSE gran has helped to deliver her grandchild at home - for the second time.

Diane Shaw kept a cool head as she delivered the new arrival, grand-daughter Evie, weighing 7lb 13oz after her daughter Vicky Gabbitas, 28, went into labour on her bathroom floor at her home in Smith House Drive, Brighouse.

Six years earlier, Diane had delivered Vicky’s first child, Aydan Jai, known as AJ, on the floor in the kitchen.

“I knew what I was doing this time but there was still a lot of pressure,” said Diane. “At the time though you have no choice. It is not until after when I went home that I thought, what if something had gone wrong would they have blamed me?”

Diane laughed: “If she has a third she is going to hospital and not coming home until she has had it.”

Vicky had always planned to have a home birth with baby Evie but with a midwife.

So when her waters broke at 8.30pm Vicky and her partner Alan Dines, 23, called Calderdale Royal Hospital. Staff asked her to go in for a check-up as the midwife was too far away.

Vicky was sent home after a check-up and told it would be a while.

The couple was joined by Diane and friend Sherie Mellor and around midnight put on a film to pass the time.

But then her contractions came faster and stronger and Vicky got into the bath at 2.30am to ease the pains. Minutes later baby Evie was on the way.

“I looked at Alan and said I can’t believe we are doing this again,” said Vicky.

“I thought I was being paranoid. I was just thinking it was all in my head. Alan was upstairs with me and was trying to calm me down. He shouted my mum because she knew what she was doing because she had done it before.

“I just didn’t think I would have been in that position again because we had planned it all. We had a birthing plan.”

Sherie dialled 999, the operator gave emergency instructions and Evie was born with Alan’s help shortly after 3am.

When Evie emerged she was blue and Sherie and the family kept Vicky calm until paramedics arrived minutes later.

Sherie will become godmother to both AJ and Evie, now two weeks old, along with Vicky’s aunt Sue who missed the birth because of how quickly it all happened.