Now they’re stealing manhole covers!

SCRAP metal thieves have now turned their attentions to stealing ... manhole covers.

Police have issued a warning to residents especially in the Rastrick area to keep a watchful eye out after six manhole covers were stolen from grates.

Officers are aware of the situation and said that it is likely the culprits were selling the manhole covers on as scrap metal.

One Rastrick resident said he noticed a number were being stolen from the Healey Wood Road area. “These thefts are extremely dangerous especially with little kids about, who knows what could have happened if one of them had fallen down,” he said. “Is there nothing that can be done to stop these thefts from happening.”

The incidents were reported to Calderdale Council and the police and the grates were replaced the following day.

A police spokeswoman confirmed that between May 13 and the following day five grate covers were stolen from Healey Wood Road and one from a grate in the Lyndhurst Road area. “Police are investigating the incidents but we urge anyone who has any information or witnessed the thefts to call us,” she said. “We would also like to hear from anyone who has been offered any of these items or ones similar.”

To contact police call on 01484 405251 or 0845 6060606.