Now it’s Ess for success

A Team
A Team

ENTERING a dance competition has reaped benefits for Brighouse businessman Ess Green.

The 21-year-old, who runs Axznt in Bradford Road has been inundated with calls about job offers both personally and on the business side after performing with the A-Team on Got to Dance.

“I have been put in the spotlight and there has been a lot of people asking me about jobs. So it has been excellent. Even the business is getting more awareness and I have got people on the production of the show itself making orders with me and possibly wanting to work with me in the future.

“It is all very interesting and I am happy with how it has all worked out. And things are looking good for the A-Team as well. We took a risk during the final of the show and it didn’t work but we are all happy with how it went. It has opened lots of opportunities for us. We have already been asked to audition for a National Lottery advert.

“We are getting lots of people wanting to see us. We have continued support which is what I am also happy about and still supporting us. Maybe the final performance just wasn’t want people wanted.”

The dance crew missed out on the top three spots during their performance at the Kensington Olympia, London. But they got some fantastic comments from the three judges Pussycat Doll Kimberley Wyatt, tap dancer and actor Adam Garcia and Ashley Banjo from Diversity.

“We had to change the final performance because Jeffrey Felicisomo had a conflicting performance with JLS and had to drop out. But we still did very well to make it into the top ten from thousands of other acts,” said Ess.