‘No more housing’

Protest about proposed housing development at Clifton, Brighouse, with organiser Debbie Quinlan, fifth from left, and councillor Scott Benton, centre.
Protest about proposed housing development at Clifton, Brighouse, with organiser Debbie Quinlan, fifth from left, and councillor Scott Benton, centre.

Concerned residents have vowed to fight against plans to build a new residential development in the heart of Clifton village.

The proposal, submitted by Clifton-based JB Henry and Sons Ltd, seeks permission to build ten large, four bedroom, detached houses on the land adjacent to Well Lane - close to the historic Black Horse Inn.

The application also outlines that Well Lane would be upgraded and used as an access road for the substantial development.

The plans have met with opposition from some who live in the village. But Jack Henry, director of JB Henry and Sons Ltd, said that the vast majority of the village will be unaffected.

Debbie Quinlan, who lives on nearby Deep Lane, is worried about the potential impact of the proposals.

“We do not need any more housing development in Clifton,” she said.

“I am directly affected by this - my view and privacy will be ruined and I’m sure my property will be devalued.

“The access road proposed is Well Lane, which is currently used by the public for walking through, riding horses and walking dogs.

“Having cars coming in and out of here could be potentially very dangerous.

“The increase in vehicles will be a problem, especially during peak times on Towngate near the church and the school.

“The addition of vehicles will increase pollution, noise and dust throughout the day and night. If planning permission goes ahead, what will be the next project? How much more green pastureland are we going to lose.”

A number of letters of objection have been submitted to Calderale Council’s planning department in response to the plans and disgruntled residents have left comments in opposition.

Coun Scott Benton (Con, Brighouse), said: “Various concerns have been raised in relation to this application with residents citing the loss of green space and the additional pressure on local schools and services as particular concerns. Potential issues with road safety and additional traffic have also been raised as the proposed entrance to the new properties is located close to a dangerous bend where speeding vehicles are already a common concern as evidenced by recent figures from the mobile speed camera.

“More than 40 Clifton residents have already objected to the proposed application and I have been contacted by dozens of people who are concerned about the impact that this application will have upon the village.”

In response to the concerns, Jack Henry, director of JB Henry and Sons Ltd and owner of the site, said: “Ninety-nine per cent of the village won’t know it’s there as it’s tucked away around the back.

“The only people who will be affected are those who face on to it.

“As a village, they’re saying how much development there has been, but I think there’s only been about four houses built. Compared to a lot of places we’ve got away very well.

“Well Lane was always a road and there were houses built down there originally.

“It’s not green belt land. I think whatever we put in for, there would still be complaints.”

The plans are scheduled to go before Calderdale Council’s planning committee in the coming weeks.