New project to transform subways

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Brighouse subways could be transformed under new plans being put forward by the Build a Brighter Brighouse group.

Members from the 3Bs carried out a consultation with the public to see what they would like done to improve the underpass by the bus station.

People were asked if they wanted to see the graffiti removed, if they would like the council to clean and disinfect the subways on a regular basis, if they wanted lighting to be improved (some of the lights are out at the moment) and if they would like to see murals depicting Brighouse success stories on the walls.

Nick Yates, from the 3Bs, said that despite the awful weather they had a good response from people using the subway.

Virtually everyone they spoke to said the subways needed improving.

“The day went very well and most of the people we spoke to gave their opinions.

“Almost everybody was in agreement that they wanted to see all the things put in place that we suggested,” he said.

“People said the subways gave a bad impression of the town as it was a gateway to the centre and it is the first thing people see.

“There have been other suggestions put forward such as CCTV, LED lighting, a walk over bridge and for something to be done with the toilets outside the bus station and to see them open up.

“Many people mentioned the Bradford subways where improvements have been done and said they would like to see something similar in Brighouse.”

Mr Yates added that positive discussions have taken place with Calderdale Council to move the project forward and the group is looking to work with Brighouse councillor Scott Benton.

The group has held several meetings with Brighouse Youth Club and is planning and organising for members to eventually go into the subway with a teacher to create some street art, which is different from graffiti.

Youth club members are going to practice on Mr Yate’s garage door to give a flavour of what might be done.