New car park rules snare more customers

MORE shoppers have complained after being trapped by the new parking regulations in the M &Co store car park.

Last week, angry customers voiced their concerns about being unfairly treated.

Many people were parking at the shop, leaving the site then returning to the store through the front entrance on Bradford Road.

When they returned, they discovered that they had been hit with a £100 parking fine.

Mr G. Boon from Wyke said: “I recently visited M & Co having seen the sale signs and am a great believer in visiting local stores. Unfortunatly, I found I had little cash. As the signs displayed two hours maximum stay I decided to go to the bank to draw out some cash. When I returned there was a parking notice. on my car which meant my purchases had cost me dearly.

“When I appealed in writing I was told that I had left the site so I would advise shoppers to read the small print. I am nearing retirement and have I worked all my life to end up being watched by big brother.”

Nicole Spence was also affected.

“The parking attendants dictate the times when you can park there. I have seen times when no one has got a parking ticket because they haven’t been patrolling it and others when cars have got tickets.”

A spokesperson for M & Co said: “We can confirm that the landowner has recently appointed UKCPS to regulate the car park. The land owner has authorised the use of the car park to M & Co customers free of charge.

“M & Co are not party to the contract between the landlords and the parking regulators but we will do our best to make sure that our customers parking in the car park are not penalised.”