Near misses at roundabout

Bridge End roundabout, Rastrick
Bridge End roundabout, Rastrick

MOTORISTS fear their concerns about the roundabout at Bridge End could be falling on stony ground.

A number of people have witnessed several near misses at the junction near to The Star due to the sight line when travelling down Bramston Street, Rastrick.

Motorists travelling down Rastrick Common/Bridge End have the priority but members of Brighouse Road Safety Committee have often said that it would make more sense for the priority to be given to Bramston Street, however this would then be against the Highway Code of giving way to your right.

Gladys Tudor has contacted the council in the past about the junction. “It is very dangerous morning and evening and most of Saturday. The problem is that people driving down Bramston Street cannot see the traffic from the right until it is on the roundabout. When it is busy there are many near misses.”

She had suggested adding a mirror but was told that it would not be possible because it would attract vandalism and give a false impression of speed and distance.

Calderdale Council’s head of planning and highways, Geoff Willerton, said: “In the last five years at the roundabout there has been one accident where an injury was reported. The Council targets its funding where there are the largest number of, and most serious, road casualties. We are aware of a number of minor accidents, such as shunts and scrapes, as at other roundabouts of this type used by a large number of vehicles.

“The Council reviews all the accident data and customer feedback we receive on a regular basis to ensure we identify major issues and develop schemes for our programme of work on a prioritised basis. We will continue to monitor the situation.”