More tests to be carried out at crossroads

A different system will have to be used to monitor traffic flow in Hipperholme.

The £300,000 MOVA (Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation) traffic system installed at Hipperholme crossroads has helped to save time along the A58 eastbound (from Halifax towards Leeds), the A644 southbound (Denholmegate Road) and in the opposite direction (Brighouse Road).

The system continuously monitors the various traffic approaching Hipperholme crossroads, and automatically adjusts the timing of the lights to maximise all traffic movements through the junction.

A spokesperson for Calderdale Council said: “To get an idea of how well the system is performing, the council has accessed the information which Metro and the major West Yorkshire bus operators use for live updates. This has been used to measure how quickly traffic is approaching the junction.

“So far traffic flows along the A644, both southbound and northbound, and along the A58 eastbound including traffic turning into Wakefield Road, have been monitored. A different system will need to be used to monitor traffic approaching the junction along the A58 westbound as there are no regular bus services on this route. These results should be available by the end of summer and will be used to assess how well the system is working.”