More poetic moments from writer Susie

Susie Field
Susie Field

WRITING is a way of life for Brighouse woman Susie Field - and now that she’s retired, she’s relishing the opportunity to devote more time to the hobby she loves.

Susie started writing short stories as a pupil at Brighouse Girls’ Grammar School and would keep her friends amused with ‘cliffhangers’ in the school magazine but it’s only in recent years that she has had the time to take her interest further.

Her new collection of poems is hot off the press and Susie is hoping that the book, ‘Poetic Moments’, will prove popular with fans of her work.

“I hope my poems and stories have wide appeal. Inspiration for them comes from anywhere and everywhere. I’ll overhear a conversation and I’ll think, ‘There has to be a story in that somewhere’.

“I like to think I have a good imagination and I’m always on the look-out for ideas. I am one of those people who walks around with a notebook jotting down thoughts - you never know when they might come in useful!”

Susie, a grandmother-of-three, is secretary of Huddersfield Author’s Circle and enjoys the contact it gives her with other writers.

“The group has helped me tremendously. We have readings and workshops which are very enjoyable and inspirational to aspiring authors. The criticism is constructive and helpful and the competitions, which are held twice a year, encourage us to really try with our writing.”

Susie’s previous publications include ‘The Perfect Gift of Love’, a collection of romantic short stories, ‘Poetic Thoughts’, a mixture of poems and stories, and ‘Precious Moments’, more than 20 stories on a wide variety of topics.

“Now that I’m retired I try to write everyday. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. It certainly gets easier to edit your own work and look at it with a critical eye. I realise how hard it is for a writer to get his or her work into print and how lucky I am with the support I receive from my publisher. I have had rejection letters in the past and it is hard to pick yourself up and keep on going but, to be honest, I love writing so much that I would have to do it, even if I got nothing back.”

Married for 43 years, Susie loves fantasy and romance - and is especially keen to write more stories for children. She has already written a number of stories for her own grand-daughters and was delighted when one of them - Georgia Wickham, now 15 - had one of her own poems published a few years ago. When she isn’t writing, Susie is a keen walker and a big fan of ballroom dancing - she is currently hooked on the new series of BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

United Press has included Susie’s poetry in 15 publications. Peter Quinn, managing director, said: “We delight in helping writers like Susie to reach their full potential.”

l Susie will sign copies of ‘Poetic Moments’ at Book Americano, Bradford Road, on December 3 from 10am to 3pm.