Money to improve park toilets

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MORE than £220,000 has been set aside to improve toilet facilities in parks.

Calderdale Council has allocated £223,000 to improve the provision throughout the borough during this financial year.

Brighouse councillor Colin Stout (Ind) is hoping that within this he will be able to secure some cash to install some kind of toilet block at Brighouse Bus Station.

“Metro are not going to participate and are not interested in providing any toilet facilities,” he said. “It seems ludicrous to me that although it has bene built there with sewage and all the provisions that they will not provide a public toilet. This is also an issue at the railway station too. We need something in place to encourage people to use public transport.

“I am fed up of being fobbed off saying its down to Metro. It’s not and we should be providing toilet facilities at a small charge. People I have spoken to do not mind paying for the privilege.

“There are people that have approached me that have irritable bowel syndrome and prostate problems. If we are encouraging people to use public transport there should be facilities there for them to use.

“I don’t understand if they can allocate more than £220,000 for park toilets why they can’t use some of this money to provide three toilets and a place for the cleaner.”