Money for the people, decided by the people

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THE Rastrick community has welcomed the news of its £1 million Lottery windfall.

At Rastrick ward forum, councillors, police officers, members of the community and council workers celebrated the cash handout from the Big Lottery Fund.

Mags Bryson, Calderdale neighbourhood co-ordinator, said that a meeting will take place in a couple of weeks with representatives from the pioneering Big Local Scheme and the Lottery.

“This is great news for Rastrick that it is receiving £1 million to be spent over the next ten years.

“We are meeting with the Lottery people to discuss everything so we know what is to happen next. We will then organise a meeting with residents, community groups and representatives so we can tell everyone about the details like how they go about applying for money, who can apply and how much they can ask for.”

Rastrick has been picked for the grant - part of a £200 million pot - because it is felt to have been overlooked in the past and is known to be in need of extra help for community projects.

The money can be spent on creating new community facilities, starting training and employment schemes, tackling anti-social behaviour or providing activities for children.

Ann McAllister (Con, Rastrick) who chaired the meeting said: “The money is very much the residents’, not the council’s. It is to be spent on all the needs, desires and requirements of the local community.

“As councillors we will be involved but we will not be representing the council, we will be representing the Rastrick people. It is Rastrick’s money and the residents of Rastrick who it goes to so we will help and make sure that happens.”

It was raised where the boundaries of Rastrick are. The details will be confirmed but it is believed to follow largely the ward map with the only exception to the western edge where it has been extended slightly.