Mill is ‘a nice place to live’

Mill Royd Mill residents
Mill Royd Mill residents

RESIDENTS at Millroyd Mill in Brighouse have reacted angrily to suggestions that the luxury apartment block is an unfriendly place to live.

They said there was a strong sense of community among flat-owners in the converted textile mill and that it was a ‘place where people look out for each other’.

Their comments follow the death of resident John ‘Vic’ Wilcox whose decomposing body was found in his apartment shortly before Christmas. Mr Wilcox, who was 63, died of natural causes and there were no suspicious circumstances.

One resident Katie Anderson said: “He was a very nice man, quiet but always friendly. He would always stop for a chat. When I moved in he was the first person I spoke to in the building.”

Another resident, Diane Armitage, said it was wrong to give the impression that Mr Wilcox was lonely.

“He lived alone and we had not seen him for a while but that was his choice. He was not a lonely man,” she said.

“It is completely inaccurate to suggest that Millroyd Mill is not a nice place to live. There are all sorts of community activities going on. We hold barbecues in the summer, we have a community garden and we hold charity events such as the Channel swim in the pool.”

Lynn Fell said the mill was the sort of place where people spoke to each other and helped each other when they could.

Other residents commented that the mill was a friendly and sociable place with ‘a very good community spirit.’

Mrs Armitage said there was a residents’ group which represented the interests of owner-occupiers and members kept in touch on Facebook.

“We like living here - it is a lovely place to live.”

By Maggie Woods