Memories of loved ones help young carers

Name of Image: d1cyc'When Taken: we 180605'Description: Calderdale Young Carers col logo'Submitted by: EVENING COURIER
Name of Image: d1cyc'When Taken: we 180605'Description: Calderdale Young Carers col logo'Submitted by: EVENING COURIER

The Tree of Light organised by Brighouse Rotary Club has raised £2,500 for Calderdale Young Carers.

The tree outside Sainsbury’s supermarket gives people the chance to remember loved ones or causes close to their heart while making a donation to charity.

This year’s total was boosted by bucket collections at Tesco and Sainsbury’s in Brighouse.

Canon Michael Storey led a dedication service which was attended by the Mayor of Calderdale and a representative from Calderdale Young Carers.

The list of donors and the people or causes they were remembering is as follows:

Maureen & Sandra, Ron Warr. Mrs B Astin, John Astin. Mrs M Atkinson, Trevor Atkinson.

Sheila Barraclough, John T Barraclough. Anne Barraclough, Carmita Barraclough. Barbara & Geoff Barrett, Michael Bowmer (x2). Stuart Black, Roy Black. Mrs Mary Bond, Walter Bond. Helen Bond, Amy & Leslie Ford. Ann & Brenda, Family and Friends. Mrs R Briggs, Sister, Brother, Son, Son-in-law. Mrs M Brook, Peter Brook. Mrs Mary Burke, Rosie & Ronnie Dyson. Mrs Mary Burke, Victor, Derek & Jack Hawtin. Mrs Mary Burke, Peter Burke. Mrs Mary Burke, David Burke. Mrs Mary Burke, George Burke. Raymond Bycroft, Marlene Bycroft.

Mark Clements, Nanny Susie Clements. Mark Clements, Grandma Gilly. Mrs Anne Cockroft, Calderdale Young Carers (x4). Stan Cruickshank, Elaine & Eddie Parkin. Stan Cruickshank, George & Betty Cruickshank. Stan

Cruickshank, John Burnett Cruickshank.

Elsie Dale, Brian R Dale Loving Husband. Pam Dimbleby, Norman Barton. Pam Dimbleby, Elsie Green. Pam Dimbleby, Benedict Brough. Mrs R Doherty, Hilda Baimbridge. Mrs R Doherty, Benny Baimbridge.

Mr P Eastwood, George Eastwood, Mr P Eastwood, Elsie Eastwood. Bridget Ellis, Bernadette Hirst. Bridget Ellis, John Ellis RIP.

Mrs Elizabeth Filby, Frank Filby. Mrs Elizabeth Filby, Frank Filby. Mrs R Firth, Daniel Firth Dad & Husband (x2). J Flockton, Neil Richard Rhodes. Mr & Mrs M Ford, Tamsie McHale (x2). Mr & Mrs M Ford, Mark

McHale (x2).

Mrs Evelyn Gee, Roy Gee. Mrs Evelyn Gee, Gwenda Wetton. Mr & Mrs D Glover, Mr & Mrs W Glover. Mr & Mrs D Glover, Nandini Sengupta Glover. Mr & Mrs D Glover, Mr & Mrs J Sutcliffe. Mrs M Gray, Mr A Gray. Mrs

M Gray, Mrs E Barwick. Mrs M Gray, Mrs J Weir. Katy Greaves, Alec Hawthorne. Katy Greaves, Bessie Hawthorne. Julia & Donald Green, Brian R Dale best pal. Mr & Mrs Stephen Guy, Fred Guy. Mr & Mrs Stephen

Guy, Lucy Guy. Mr & Mrs Stephen Guy, Edward Greenway. Mr & Mrs Stephen Guy, Kathleen Greenway.

Ian Hamer, Audrey Midgley. Mr & Mrs J Harper, Edie Bailey. Mr & Mrs J Harper, Jim Bailey. Bernadette Heffernan, James Heffernan. Bernadette Heffernan, Paul Heffernan. Bernadette Heffernan, Ken Garner. Bernadette Heffernan, Margaret Garner. Mr & Mrs Tony Herbert, Calderdale Young Carers (x8). Mr & Mrs K Hirst, Ella Wilkinson. Mr & Mrs K Hirst, Harry Wilkinson. Mrs D Hopkinson, Alfred Prentice. Mrs D

Hopkinson, Helga Prentice. Mrs D Hopkinson, Gerald Prentice.

Mrs J L Jessett, George Bottomley. Mrs J L Jessett, Enid Bottomley. Mrs Jean Jessop, Alan Jessop. Dee Junk, William George Junk.

Judith Kay, Dave Graham. Miss Ann Kucharski, Dell Kucharski (Dearest mum). Miss Ann Kucharski. Wladek Kucharski (Dearest dad).

Doreen Lever, Kate Lever. Doreen Lever, Trevor Lever.

Mr & Mrs David Mason, Calderdale Young Carers. Gina & Paul Miller, Vera Miller. Gina & Paul Miller, Dorothy Crowther. Mrs Barbara Moody, Sidney Moody. Mrs Barbara Moody, Kathryn Elizabeth Kirk (nee Moody)

Nancy, Harry & Gladys Haley. John, Helen Joshua, Robert Nelson, Leslie Nelson. Mrs Dorothy Nelson, Leslie Nelson. Greg Nickson, Chris Manning.

Mrs Joy O’Neill, John O’Neill (x2). John & Muriel Ottaway, George & Annie Ottaway. John & Muriel Ottaway, Albert & Millie` Osborne Love Forever.

Pam, Geoffrey Howard. Stephen Pollard, Graham A Pollard. Mr & Mrs M Pullen, Alfie James Wynn.

Mrs Margaret Raine, Calderdale Young Carers (x2). Family & Mavis Read, My Son Craig Ian Read (x2). Mrs M Reaney, Maurice Reaney. Mrs M Reaney, Denise Reaney. Mrs M Reaney, Donna Reaney. Mr & Mrs Chris

Redfearn, Reg Redfearn (x2). Mr & Mrs B Rukin, Winnie & Maurice Rukin. Mr & Mrs B Rukin, Elsie & Harold Pawson. Karl Rutter, Troy Armitt. Karl Rutter, Keith & Fay Rutter.

Daniel & Oliver Sacker, For our Dad. Mike Stead, Esther Stead. Mike Stead, Jack Thompson. Canon Michael Storey, Alice Storey. Canon Michael Storey, Peter Storey. Canon Michael Storey, Margaret Storey. Canon Michael Storey, William Bennett Storey. Mrs C Sutcliffe, Graham Sutcliffe. Mrs C Sutcliffe, Joyce Broxup. Mrs C Sutcliffe, Christine Peacock. Tara Sweeney, Cliff Hunt. Margaret A Sykes, Ewan Sykes.

Denise Tandy, For Mum & Dad. Mike Tandy, For Mum & Dad. Christine Thompson, Norman Lund. Christine Thompson, Joan Lund. Derek Thornton, Lorna Thornton.

Kevin & Margaret Valentine, Mary Mounsey and her deceased family. Kevin & Margaret Valentine, Eileen Valentine and her deceased family.

Mrs Pat Vickers, Jim Vickers. Family & Christine Wade, Arthur Wade (x5). Mrs J Walsh, Eva Shaw. Mrs J Walsh, Stephen Walsh. Mrs Joyce Walton, John W Walton. Mr & Mrs C & Leo Wynn, Alfie James Wynn.

Michelle Youern, Arthur Youern. Geoffrey Young, Eileen Young. Friends at Carr Green School, Barbara Haughey.