Mary’s formula for a long life

Mary Cooper who is celebrating her 100th birthday on January 20
Mary Cooper who is celebrating her 100th birthday on January 20

IF any confirmation was ever needed that hard work never harmed anyone then Mary Cooper is proof indeed.

Mrs Cooper, of Brighouse, and formerly of Bailiff Bridge and Norwood Green, reaches her landmark 100th birthday today.

It will not be the first time that a family member has reached their centenary as Mary’s mother, Ada Pamment, lived to 106.

After leaving Bailiff Bridge School at the age of 14, Mrs Cooper went to work at Crown Brick Mill where she stayed until she retired at 62.

She married Harold Cooper in 1933 and the couple were together for over 40 years. Mr Cooper died when he was 70. They have two children, Michael and Christine.

The family has continued to grow and Mrs Cooper has four grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.

She said that she has been fortunate that long life seems to run in the family.

“I have never smoked and I only occasionally have a glass of sherry so I have tried to live a healthy life.

“I guess I have just been lucky to get good genes!”

Travel has always been a passion for Mrs Cooper and along with family trips to Cornwall she has enjoyed holidays in Italy, Yugoslavia and her favourite, Switzerland.

She has also travelled in style having experienced the luxury of the Orient Express Railway and a flight on superjet Concorde.

“I have really enjoyed travelling with my family and friends and family and loved my life working at the mill as I made a lot of friends there.”

A family party will be held at the weekend at the Lane Head Hotel and a celebration will be held with friends from the Waring Green Forget-Me-Not Club.

Granddaughter Helen Haigh said: “She is still very independent and is a lot more active than many people half her age. She is in even better shape than great grandma was when she was the same age.

“It’s incredible what she does and naturally we are all hoping that living to a good age continues to run in the family.”