LETTERS: Praise for MP’s fantastic support

It isn’t very often that you hear in the press very positive news about the business that politicians (MPs) undertake on behalf of their constituents. Usually we only hear how dishonest and morally unethical they are.

I would like to buck that trend and share my recent excellent experience of tasking our local MP, Craig Whittaker and his team, with what I thought would be an unfathomable task – that of retrieving a substantial sum of tax monies that had been owed to me from HMRC for three years.

Anyone who has their own small business, such as myself, and have had the misfortune of having to deal with HMRC will absolutely know what I mean when I say that over the past three years I have consistently hit a brick wall where ‘autocracy’ rules, having been spoken to by the most, uncompromising, self-opinionated and unhelpful public servants that this country could ever have wished for!

Craig Whittaker and his fabulous team pursued this tax matter on behalf of my small business and managed to get a resolution for me within a month of my contacting them.

Given I have never had to request the help of an MP previously, I was unsure how they would be able to help.

However, my faith in the genuine interest shown and ongoing communication offered was very encouraging.

Given the positive outcome (I got my monies back), both my wife and I are absolutely delighted and can’t thank Craig Whittaker and team enough.

M High