LETTERS: How will staying in EU make us more powerful?

Barack Obama is another person who spouts the myth that the UK is in a stronger position to negotiate as part of the EU.

His and their argument is only valid in one situation- in all the others it is not.

Their claim is only correct when the EU is agreeing to its stance for international negotiations and it’s finely balanced between one that benefits the EU and another that is against the UK’s interests.

In that case alone it would strengthen the UK’s position. The UK with its population of 59 million has 29 votes in the European Council that decides the EU stance, the smallest seven countries of the EU (like Malta and Cyprus) with a combined population of 10.4m can out vote us as they have 30 votes between them.
If the EU takes a stance against our interests we would be powerless to do anything about it. Do those who want us to vote to remain in the EU deny this fact? If we were an independent country then we would have a vote at the international negotiations even though it would not carry as much weight as the EU block vote would carry.

If the EU voted in favour of what we wanted it would strengthen our case not weaken it.

If the EU vote was against our interest then our small independent vote would help counter the EU vote.

How can the remain supporters honestly claim that going along with a policy that is against our interests makes us more powerful.

Charles Lawson

Halifax Road, Brighouse