Law expert returns in role of professor

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A BRIGHOUSE man who left school at 16 to join the Army has returned to his home town - as a newly-appointed law professor at Huddersfield University.

Prof Stuart Toddington, an expert in jurisprudence and the philosophy of law, is completing a book ‘Law, Self and Society, which has taken on an extra relevance in the wake of the serious social disorder in English towns and cities in August.

Born in Brighouse to a family of engineers and industrial workers, he left school at 16 and served with the Royal Mechanical and Electrical Engineers for five years.

After a stint working in industry, he decided to return to full-time education and took A-levels at Huddersfield Technical College.

He then studied philosophy, sociology and law at the universities of Warwick and Sheffield.

Upon completing his PhD, he embarked on an academic career, teaching at the universities of Sheffield, Hull and Central Lancashire. In 2006 he was awarded a professorship at the University of Westminster.

Now living back in Brighouse, he is settling into his new job as Professor of Jurisprudence at Huddersfield University.

He will focus closely on academic research as well as teaching undergraduates on the core legal courses.

“I had long admired the university and hoped I might return one day. It has a great reputation for dynamic management and innovation. It was one of the first law schools to see the changing shape of legal education and legal employment and adapt to it.”

Prof Toddington is particularly interested in the relationship between personal liberty and laws and institutions.

“We need to be less squeamish about giving a structure to people’s lives,” he said.