Labour’s Ann gets stuck in

Local Elections. Ann Martin
Local Elections. Ann Martin

VETERAN Ann Martin has finally retrieved her seat on Calderdale Council.

Councillor Martin was delighted after she won the Brighouse seat for Labour in Friday’s Calderdale Council election after eight years.

Local Elections. Howard Blagbrough

Local Elections. Howard Blagbrough

“I was hoping to win but I didn’t think I would so I was delighted,” she said.

“I had my first meeting on Friday afternoon along with a council officer about grass cutting and the children’s play area. I had been to a residents and tenant association meeting in Smith House during my campaign and I said if I was elected I would go along and hopefully get some kind of action.

“I have been inundated with people congratulating me. I am going to all the briefings because the officers have changed since I was last a councillor eight years ago and some of the roles. I shall be attending all of them so I can bring myself up to date.

“I am looking forward to it and I’m just pleased that the majority of people put their confidence in me once again. People can call me and I will be holding surgeries to raise any concerns.”

She will be looking at Waring Green Community Centre, various Pennine Housing issues, and any other concerns which are raised.

She won with a majority of 134 votes knocking out Conservative councillor Howard Blagbrough.

Mr Blagbrough has represented the area for the last four years but said he was proud of what he had achieved in that time.

He said: “It is always a shock to lose because you go out to win the seat. You always want to win the seat, you put a lot of work into winning it and I have done a lot over the last four years. I was tidying out over the weekend and I came across the paperwork for the play equipment in the parks, the new bus station, the swimming pool and the refurbishment of the library. You don’t realise the things that have happened. At the time it feels like you don’t get anywhere but we have achieved a lot. So a proud moment.

“I would like to congratulate the people that did go out and vote and I would like to thank people for their support over the years. I am proud of what I have achieved.”

As senior parliamentary assistant to Calder Valley’s MP Craig Whittaker he said he would still have an active role in the town. “I am going to see how things go now. I would like to keep involved with what is happening locally.”

Liberal Democrat candidate Jennie Rigg finished in third position with 283 votes.