Junction improvements are ‘more of a hazard than before’

Concerns have been raised over alterations at a busy junction.

Residents say that the so-called improvements are likely to cause more accidents or at least cause more traffic jams as people struggle to get out from St Giles Road into Wakefield Road in Lightcliffe.

Councillors have been contacted by several residents who feel people would be ‘more of a hazard’ than what it was before.

The work is being carried out by housing developer Persimmon Homes who are building 147 homes on land off Spout House Lane.

One of the highway conditions the company had to carry out was improvements at the junction to improve the sightline.

The junction has been halved and when the schools return after the summer holidays residents feel it will cause problems.

Councillor David Kirton (Con, Hipp/Light) has now contacted engineers with Calderdale Council to inspect the work after receiving a number of complaints.

“The way the road looks to have been engineered it is an accident waiting to happen.

“I have contacted Calderdale Council and asked them to take another look at it.

“We have received a number of complaints including a complaint from a retired ambulance driver that doesn’t think it is safe.

“We are not happy about it at all.

“I think it is going to cause mayham and become more of a hazard than what it did before.”

Calderdale Council was unavailable to comment about the updated situation.