John talks about the night his daughter was killed

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Members of Cornerstone Church in Brighouse heard from John Mosey whose daughter Helga was killed in the American aircraft blown up over Lockerbie.

John retold some of the experiences of that night and the unfolding events since. He explained how, as he and his wife Anne watched the unfolding tragedy, they did not make the connection to the flight of their 19-year-old daughter returning to the States.

John was a Christian worker supporting people working in some dangerous parts of the world, and travelling many air miles himself.

At the time of Helga’s death they were able to say that the loving God who had forgiven them also required them to forgive their enemies, and so their message of forgiveness was broadcast round the world. Some good has come from the tragedy. John described how even in the darkest moment they knew the overwhelming peace of God.

The Helga Mosey Memorial fund has been established which provides help for some of the world’s poorest and least privileged children.

Cornerstone Church meet on Sunday at 10.30am and 6.30pm in the Civic Hall. John’s appearance was part of a series called ‘Real Lives’.