Jobs created after plans to renovate land on Elland Road are passed

Forty jobs will be created and a number of existing ones safeguarded after plans to renonvate land next to Vine Industrial Estate were given the green light.

Plans to contruct a B2 use class industrial building and refurbish an existing steel framed structure in order to create an enclosed area behind the Red Rooster pub have been approved by Calderdale Council’s planning committee.

The existing access on Elland Road, north of Bapp Industrial Supplies, will be used to access the Brookfoot site.

The unit will be occupied by Brighouse Patent Walling Systems, who will manufacture their prefabricated walling systems. The jobs to be created will be a mix of office staff, skilled and non skilled labour in the factory area. It is intended the majority of the jobs to be created will be given to local people within the Calderdale area.

Objectors said the proposed development was in the middle of a residential area. They said the plan would be better suited on the opposite side of Elland Road where there is already manufacturing businesses.

They said that there was already two empty warehouses “so what is the point building another one just as big when two more within 50 metres”.

The objector said: “We don’t object to manufacturing in Brookfoot and welcome that but we don’t feel this proposal is suitable for this site. We would ask the members of the planning committee would you be happy with a construction of this size put on your doorstep?”

Developer Bill Ibberson said there was no other site for this development in the area.

Councillor Stephen Baines spoke in favour of the application. “This is the sort of land we need in Calderdale.”

Chair Daniel Sutherland said: “There is very little ideal employment land left in Calderdale.”

They agreed with a statement made in the report. “Business and Economy section fully supports the development as it is an area with high demand for industrial space and is one of the few remaining undeveloped employment sites in Calderdale for this scale of development, which they state is not common in the current economic climate and is very much welcomed. They also welcome the new jobs that the scheme will bring to the local economy.”