Janette’s inspirational new start!

Weight loss consultant and fitness trainer Janette Castle.
Weight loss consultant and fitness trainer Janette Castle.

MANY people resolve to start new diet and fitness regimes in the New Year but by the third week in are already losing heart.

Janette Castle (above) is one woman who decided to make a fresh start in 2013 - and now she wants to help others do the same.

The 43-year-old Brighouse woman is offering a personal service to men and women in their own homes, advising them on healthy eating, weight loss and exercise.

She believes that many people who are lacking in the confidence to enroll at a gym or in an exercise class would benefit from encouragement and advice that is tailored to their own needs and circumstances.

Janette has been a lecturer in electrical installation at Kirklees College for the past 12 years but has now returned to her first love - fitness and nutrition.

She aims to provide a one-to-one service as a weight loss consultant and personal fitness trainer.

“I started off in the health and fitness industry in 1986 when I left school and went to work as a gym instructor at a health club. I also attended college to gain relevant qualifications in fitness and nutrition, weight management and exercise to music,” she said.

“Then I taught aerobic classes at Brighouse Civic Hall, Rastrick Bowling Club and Brighouse Salvation Army. I now feel it is time to work for myself doing something I feel passionate about.”

Janette, of Granny Hall Lane, believes that many people embark on unsuitable diets and then struggle to maintain them.

“I know that some people feel very self-conscious about their weight and do not feel comfortable going to a gym. Others simply lack motivation and need a helping hand. I am not talking about unhealthy crash diets - food should be enjoyed and not thought of as the enemy.”

Janette will offer advice on eating sensibly and portion size - and be at the end of the phone with encouragement and support.

“For many people it is a question of will-power and most people find their determination starts to flag after a while.”

Janette is a firm believer in incorporating exercise into daily routine as a way of being more active - by simple steps such as walking instead of jumping in the car and taking the stairs instead of the lift.

“I will start out by accompanying people on a fairly energetic walk. Walking is much more fun when you have company and it’s amazing how quickly your motivation increases when you’re out in the fresh air,” she said.

“As you start to get more fit and active and the weight starts to come off, it’s natural that you feel more motivated and better about yourself. It’s surprising how quickly fitness improves when exercise is taken regularly.”

Janette will supply her clients with a healthy food plan and a food diary to encourage lifestyle changes.

“I will check through the food diaries weekly at first to see how people are progressing and then recommend that they move on to a monthly maintenance plan.”

As Janette points out, losing weight is not just about looking good - it is also about improving health and reducing the chances of illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes and cancer.