Janet’s recipe for lasting happiness

Happiness Millionaire Janet Jones.
Happiness Millionaire Janet Jones.

Janet Jones was at her lowest ebb when a piece of junk mail changed her life.

Her beloved father had committed suicide, her marriage was unhappy and she was living in a strange town with three young children.

Janet Jones with Richard Branson

Janet Jones with Richard Branson

She felt her life was spiralling out of control and that she was heading for a breakdown.

“It was a very difficult time. I felt undervalued and almost unrecognised. It should have been the most precious time of my life - but it didn’t feel like it.”

One day in 2000, Janet came home after taking her children to school and found a piece of junk mail had been delivered.

“Normally I throw these things in the bin without reading them but there was something about this one that made me want to read it

One of Janet Jones's seminars

One of Janet Jones's seminars

“I opened the envelope and there was a letter telling me how to achieve the impossible and how to lead a fulfilling and extraordinary life. Looking back I can say that piece of junk mail saved my life,” said Janet.

The letter offered her a free 30-day trial using audio tapes that promoted the philosophy of Napoleon Hill, the American who was one of the earliest producers of the modern genre of personal-success literature.

“Being a northerner, the idea of a free trial appealed to me!” said Janet. “I sent away for those tapes and listened to them constantly, day after day. They really struck a chord with me and then I decided to sign up for an on-line course.”

Janet had long harboured a dream of having a career in photography and listening to the tapes gave her the confidence to pursue her ambition. She enrolled on a three-year degree course at Bradford College of Art and then set up her own photography business, a vital outlet for her creativity.

Now Janet is combining her love of photography and of using images with a new business venture which aims to inspire and motivate others.

Through her company Happiness Millionaire, the 49-year-old gives talks and seminars all over the UK - and she is bringing her expertise to Brighouse for the first time next month.
Janet, of Holywell Green, is giving a one-day seminar at the Holiday Inn, Clifton, on Saturday, May 18.

“I was asked to contribute my story and the images for a book about Napoleon Hill’s principles and that made me think about the way I could use my interest in photography to develop my own company. It hasn’t always been an easy ride but I love what I do now.

“I love helping people and motivating people to get the best out of themselves and their lives,” said Janet.

She travels widely giving her seminars and has recently returned from a trip to Japan.

“People often think I am talking about positive thinking but I believe that what I do is so much more than that.” 
Janet has produced a pack of 12 cards of photographic images to illustrate different emotions and goals - including imagination, persistence, the subconscious mind, desire, specialised knowledge and sixth sense.

“We need to find a way of building up credit in our emotional bank account, a way of helping us through the difficult times. I believe my images do that - they act as a visual prompt to inspire and motivate people to greater success in their lives - whether that is in terms of relationships, confidence, income, health of happiness.”

l Janet’s seminar at the Holiday Inn is limited to 100 people. She is offering Echo readers the chance to win one place worth £67.

To be considered just say in 50 words why you would like to attend one of Janet’s seminars.

Email your answer by Thursday April 18 at 5pm to: info@happinessmillionaire.com For more information visit happinessmillionaire.com/lookandgrowrich