It was wrong to dilute this council motion

How timely that The Conservative Group on Calderdale Council should bring a motion asking the council’s Labour leader to write to Jeremy Corbyn requesting “to expel all members who have expressed or condoned anti-Semitic views”.

Naturally the combination of Labour, Liberal and the

Independent member amended it so it was diluted to virtually nothing and unsurprisingly, included the word “Islamaphobia”.

We must note though, that The Labour Group in particular are forever bringing motions of national, international and of no particular interest ad infinitum!

Our motion was, as we expected, subject to spurious Points of Order and much umbrage/heckling from Labour councillors as they follow the mantra that those who dish out condemnation can very rarely take it when it comes back at them.

In fact when I said I had not been taking my reasons for seconding the original motion from a body from Israel or Jews but from Christians United for Israel the reaction was predictable.

Just suppose I had reacted that way if someone raised an organisation regarding support for Muslims or similar. I would have had all the “isms” thrown at me.

Whether one wants to see it as anti-Semitic, anti-Israel or anti-Jews the point is how frightening those who profess to be against discrimination will squirm and wriggle when it is against their gut feelings.

In other words they exemplify the old writing, “all men are equal but some are more equal than others”. It is my hope we are not seeing a new generation of anti-Semitic feelings rising up around the world but when a lovable, respected and funny actress like Maureen Lipman says she has never in all her years in the UK felt under threat before but now is feeling uneasy, then I think to dilute this motion sends out a frightening message.

Coun Roger Taylor


Northowram and Shelf Ward