It was an adventure too far . . .

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A MOTHER has paid tribute to her son whose attitude to life was simply live it to the full before his “luck ran out” when he fell from the cliff tops.

Adam Sykes, formerly of Rastrick, loved the outdoors and his family believe he had been taking a morning stroll when he fell to his death last month.

His body was found on a beach near the Battery Parade, Whitby, on Sunday December 11.

Mum Maureen Craven spoke about Adam and how he never saw danger, just adventure.

“Adam’s attitude to life was quite simply ‘live it’ - why worry about anything why waste time planning too far ahead - like doing homework ten minutes before setting off for school.

“He was simply lovely - no edge to him - what you see is what you get.”

The 29-year-old chef lived with his mum and stepdad Brian in Whitby for about a year.

On the evening before his death, Adam had been downloading films on his computer and was part way through making a Christmas cake for the family.

From a young age he had plenty of what his family - including his two older sisters Sarah and Emma and younger brother Rick - would call ‘ventures’.

When he was five-years-old and gave army soldiers manning a slide the fright of their lives when he came down upside down at speed.

Two years later he came off his bike onto the road in front of a neighbour and over the bonnet of her car.

He was still getting into scrapes later in life. Whilst fitting laminate flooring and he had seen something about juggling on the TV and attempted it with Stanley knives. He ended up having seven stitches in his thumb.

Later the same day at a friend’s barbecue, he decided to attempt a triple back somersault on an outside trampoline which resulted in him being taken to hospital. Doctors said that the injuries were the same as with car crash victims.

A non-religious humanist funeral service took place at Scarborough Crematorium last Tuesday where 70 plus family and friends attended.

Adam had a keen interest in Eygpt and India and intended to travel there this year so his family are now planning to make the trip themselves and scatter his ashes on the River Ganges.