Is the layby saga at an end?

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A LONG-running dispute over the provision of a bus lay-by at Hipperholme has finally come to an end.

An agreement has been reached between Brighouse company Younger Homes and Calderdale Council over the bus lay-by in Halifax Road, after 12 years.

Managing director of Younger Homes, Bill Ibberson, said the lay-by issue had taken a long time to be resolved because of complex technical difficulties with the land itself.

“Unfortunately the process has not been helped by uninformed comments and intervention by those who have tried to use the lay-by as a political football,” he said.

“The difficulties have now been resolved and the land will be transferred to the council with no charge for the land itself.

“Younger Homes would like to place on record its thanks to Councillors Graham Hall and David Kirton who have been extremely constructive and helpful throughout the process of resolving the difficulties with the land.”

He said Calderdale Council was now in a position to develop the lay-by as soon as possible.

The saga of the lay-by, partly constructed near the junction with Thompson Close, goes back to the 1990s when the

former Hipperholme Infants’ School was demolished.

Councillor Kirton(Con,Hipp/Light) said it was extremely frustrating at times. “We have been working with the council

and the developer to try and come to a satisfactory conclusion. The main issue is that we are moving forward with it at last.

“The people of Hipperholme and Lightcliffe will have somewhere to shelter and get the bus, it will also ease the traffic congestion around the area.

“Hopefully it will make the appearance much better for people travelling into Halifax.”

He said the issue had seen off three chief executives. “We are highly delighted for the people of Hipperholme that it has finally been resolved.

“We felt helpless throughout this but we have finally been able to do something. There were times when I drove past

and saw people waiting for a bus that I wanted to stop my car and go and apologise to them.”

The council now has to wait for YEDL to sink an electric cable, which the council has been told will have to go on the rota which could take 16-20 weeks.

Once that has happened the councillors say the bus shelter will be erected by Metro.

Councillor Hall (Con, Hipp/Light) said: “Once it is all sorted I am sure a lot of people will be very happy. Even if it doesn’t affect them.

“I feel very pleased and happy for the people of Hipperholme and the surrounding area that the saga has come to a conclusion. Once it is all sorted it will be terrific.”

It is estimated that it will cost Calderdale Council £33,000 to complete the work on the lay-by.