Inside the Council: We should spruce up our streets

Councillor David Kirton
Councillor David Kirton

I am increasingly concerned regarding the lack of maintenance on roadway verges and general maintenance of planted areas adjacent to roads throughout the borough.

For example, a number of local residents have brought to my attention the poor quality of the maintenance of the planted area at the junction of Upper Green Lane and Halifax Road, Hove Edge, which has now more weeds than plants.
As residents travel throughout Calderdale the quality of weed spraying on footpaths across the borough is currently very poor.
Not only is it unsightly now but I am concerned regarding future footpath maintenance costs when the tarmac lifts and then causes tripping hazards in future years requiring costly fixing and costly resurfacing.
For example, a resident at Norwood Green has recently fallen on a poorly maintained footpath on Norwood Green Hill.
A stitch in time saves nine!
All this work should be on a cyclical maintenance plan without the need for residents or councillors having to report these matters before action is taken year in year out.~
The current Labour administration running Calderdale Council appear to have a lack of interest in keeping a visually attractive street scene across local neighbourhood areas.

Councillor David Kirton

Councillor David Kirton

New footpath gully Spout House Lane

Following on from the storms last winter I am pleased that the Highways Department have now been able to install a new rainwater gully on the footpath on Spout House Lane near to the junction with Harley Head Avenue.
Many local residents complained about the regular ponding conditions making it impossible to use the footpath whilst children were being taken to and from school.
I am also pleased that the blocked gully outside Adams Court has finally been cleared out after around 10 weeks of requesting this work to be done as this was also a road traffic hazard and a hazard to pedestrians.

Centenary Battle of the Somme 1916-2016

The service will be held on Friday, July 1 at 11am at the Centenary Area in the Memorial Park, in Bailiff Bridge. Refreshments will be served afterwards in the Community Centre on Victoria Road,
Bailiff Bridge.
All local residents are invited to join the Mayor of Calderdale, Councillor Howard Blagbrough and the Royal British Legion in a special service of remembrance to mark 100 years since the devastating Battle of the Somme, where there were in excess of 57,000 casualties on the first day alone. The battle lasted over 140 days.

Off road biker noise nuisance

The problem of ‘off road bikers’ has raised concerns again throughout the ward and nearby Town Ward.
This problem has caused a serious noise nuisance throughout parts of Hipperholme, Lightcliffe, Hove Edge, Sunnyvale and Southowram.
The silencers are very noisy, the bikes riders using rural tracks and bridleways which is dangerous for pedestrians. The local council have been informed as have the police so that joint action can be taken against this nuisance.
Anyone affected by this problem should report the matter to Brighouse or Halifax police stations and also customer services at Calderdale Council.