Inside the Council: We’re safer than we have been in decades

I am pleased to read the recent crime statistics for England and Wales, produced by the Office for National Statistics.

The figures show an eight per cent reduction in crime in the 12 months to September 2012 and that adults’ experience of crime is at its lowest since records began in 1981.

Since the coalition government came in to power in 2010 crime has continued to fall - recorded crime is down more than ten per cent under this government, and the independent survey shows that crime is at its lowest level since records began.

It is particularly encouraging that this downward trend is replicated across every police force in England and Wales.

The last three years have been financially difficult for everyone, including police forces across the country, and they have shown an impressive ability to accommodate necessary budget reductions while still cutting crime.

This show that the government’s reforms are working.

They have swept away central targets and reduced bureaucracy, and the police should be congratulated for rising to the challenge of doing more with less.

England and Wales are safer than they have been for decades, but there is still much more that can be done and the government will continue to work hard to tackle crime and its underlying causes.

In 2012 the new College of Policing was established.

This will enhance police professionalism and set the highest standards of integrity.

It will spearhead the drive to cut unnecessary bureaucracy and form-filling processes and it will ensure police officers and police staff, have the right skills to make the right decisions.

A National Crime Agency will become operational this year. Organised crime costs the UK between £20 billion and £40 billion a year and organised crime groups often operate across boundaries - both in terms of crime type and geography.

The NCA, which will be fully operational by December, will be an operational crime fighting agency that will: tackle organised crime, strengthen our borders, fight fraud and cyber crime and protect children and young people.

The fight against crime is never ending but it was 
good to see that the work 
currently being undertaken is beginning to reap