Inside the Council: Exciting events that keep us vibrant

Brighouse Victorian Festival. Image to be used for the feature.'Stephen Lord at Lords Photography needs to be credited for the image supplied.
Brighouse Victorian Festival. Image to be used for the feature.'Stephen Lord at Lords Photography needs to be credited for the image supplied.

First of all, after another brilliant weekend in Brighouse, with the Victorian Christmas themed event which the inspirational BBI organised, it goes to show what people can do to attract footfall into Brighouse and Calderdale.

Having organised the Brighouse Christmas light switch on for nine years, without any grants or outside help, it is great to now see what can be achieved with a small a amount of money from the council and what the right funding can achieve.

The council gave £5,000 to the Brighouse Business Initiative to promote the town at Christmas. And with the hard work, and inspirational ideas of the BBI team, they again succeeded.

I spoke to a lot of people over the weekend in Brighouse, and they stated they had been to the 40’s weekend and other market days, and said they really enjoyed coming back to Brighouse.

The reality is, that over 60,000 people came to Brighouse over the two day period, and it was estimated that over £750,000 of business was generated in the town. It even attracted Sky news who were coming to spend a day in Brighouse to find out why we were bucking the trend for town centres across the country.

We have a thriving and vibrant town centre which people across the country are now looking at emulating.

Unfortunately, because of the floods and bad weather in other parts of the North, Sky news could not spend the day with us, but they will be coming in the near future. The council only gave us £5000 for this event, imagine what the next event could be like if we had had £10,000.

We must not forget the other four towns surrounding Halifax, that have businesses and events which need supporting as well.

So I am sure like me, you are waiting to see what the BBI can do in the future to boost the Brighouse economy further. This could result in jobs and security for Brighouse.

And we as councillors have to ensure that funding no matter how small is available to these dedicated, passionate and hard working people.

Stamp out a foul problem

At last, it’s nice to see our local Magistrates taking the issue of dog fouling by irresponsible dog owners seriously.

They have recently imposed a fine of over £1000

on a Rastrick man for allowing his dog to foul on two separate occasions at Bramston Street Recreational Park.

Dog fouling, is not a music hall joke, it has serious health implications, as in Britain over 50 children a year are blinded unnecessarily contracting the worm, toxocara canis, which is carried in dog faeces.

So I would just like to remind all the irresponsible dog owners, that we are now watching you, so pick up or you will pay up.

We’re getting tyred of this

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Archers Tyres of Huddersfield who came to the rescue last week, after tyres hard been dumped in a Brighouse pensioners garden.

This is now becoming a common event in Brighouse, where unscrupulous people are dumping not only tyres, but asbestos and other industrial waste, in residential areas.

If it is dumped on council land as with the travellers behind McDonald’s on Bradford road, the council had to pick up the bill for tens of thousands of pounds to clear away all the materials that had been left.

If fly tippers decide to dump on private land it costs the property owner. In the case of the tyres, it would have cost over £335 to remove, with the environmental chargers that go with disposing of this sort of material.

The police now are targeting and looking for evidence and perpetrators of this anti-social activity. Just recently, Brighouse has been the target, not only for disposing of tyres, and asbestos but also has become a target of the removal of stone toppings and Yorkshire stone walls.

So I urge everyone to be vigilant, if you see something that doesn’t look right, or you think that someone is removing flags or walls which you don’t think is appropriate, then ring 101 the polices non emergency number.

They will take your enquiry seriously and go and visit the people who are removing the stone. If you can get a registration number and description of the vehicle, it will greatly help the police.

If it is genuine, the police won’t mind, if it is not genuine, the rest of the community will appreciate you being vigilant and looking out for the community.

By Councillor Colin Stout