Inside the Council: Councillor Colin Raistrick

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Mixed feelings at our house about the proposed new Aldi in Hipperholme.

The person responsible for supermarket shopping and household budget is all in favour,whereas the other one( that would be me)is concerned about the implications for traffic through what we still refer to as “the village”. This difference of opinion is reflected,if my many conversations with people are anything to go by,throughout the community.

In meetings with Aldi me and my ward colleagues have tried to come to the best possible arrangements for traffic,particularly the exit from Tanhouse Hill,and some changes have been made to the road layout to try to improve the situation,or at least make it the least worst option.

The supermarket people argue that new stores do not generate new traffic. This is only partly true (or,partly false depending on your viewpoint). For Instance my wife shops at Aldi on Pellon Lane,to get there she goes through the lights,so not new traffic. People who live to the north of the lights, Norwood Green, Shelf, Bramley Lane, Norhowram etc,if they know the area don’t go through the lights anyway,they use the rat run down Kirk Lane. So,again ,no new traffic through the lights. Very bad for Kirk Lane residents though. People driving through the lights home from Halifax will stop on their journey,so not new traffic.

But,obviously,people will now visit Hipperholme who shopped elsewhere in Brighouse or Halifax,this will be new traffic. These new shoppers would be mad however if they decided to do this shop at rush hour,why would you do that?

The proponents of this development argue that it will tidy up the site,whilst the opponents say “why do we need a new supermarket”. Both valid arguments,though I think I know which side the CooP supermarket will be on.

Some say it will kill the village shops. I own one and I don’t see this argument. I’ll still buy my meat at Brian Powe the butcher on Denholmegate Road and I encourage everyone passing to do the same. Aldi don’t deliver newspapers,cut hair,sell Indian or Chinese takeaways,sell bras,dresses,sandwiches,dont have a chemist or a Post Office,so what’s to kill?

This difficult decision will be made by the planning committee and I urge everyone with an opinion to make their views known by visiting the council website.

I expect it will be a close run thing.

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