Inside the Council: Can someone tell me why there’s no toilet?

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Have I met my Waterloo? Having campaigned with others, to try and get the Cabinet on Calderdale Council to give us the funds to reopen the much needed toilet facilities at the Bus Station side of town.

I have had requests from people with medical problems, and people who try to use public transport where they can, but end up arriving at the bus station and railway station without any toilet facilities what so ever.

Having presented numerous petitions and going to Cabinet meetings and Scrutiny Panel meetings, to show the need and concern for this facility.

I was given hope that toilet prevision would be provided in the bus station.

Having made further enquiries I now find that the task has been given to the Highways Department, with no project manager in place and no funds identified for a disabled toilet facility only to be shared with bus drivers.

Giving this task to Highways is totally inappropriate it should have been someone in Communities or Health and Social Care.

I have now been told that signposts are going to be erected directing people to Council Offices where they can use the facilities.

The only problem is, we ONLY have one Council Office left – The Civic Hall.

This is going to be closed two days a week and at lunch times.

The toilets in Thornton Square are only open until 6pm.

The most annoying thing for me and for everyone else is we have a building that can be modified that is already plumbed in and almost ready for use. We do have a lease from YEB, that leases the land for the Substation next door so why can’t we use some of the money from that?

I would also expect there to be a charge to use the facilities on this site.

We are spending millions of pounds in other parts of Calderdale, we are asking for a few hundred thousand for Brighouse?? So can someone tell me why this simple project cannot go ahead?