Increase price for permits

Wakefield Road car park, Hipperholme.
Wakefield Road car park, Hipperholme.

THE price of resident permits should be increased rather than implementing parking charges on four car parks in Brighouse.

Councillor Colin Raistrick (Ind, Hipp/Light) said residents would be willing to pay for permits to park outside their own homes.

“In certain streets mainly around the town centre and the hospital, residents can get permits to park outside their own home. Fair enough, I suppose, but why have they up until now been free? Why has my elderly neighbour, with no car, on an unadopted street, been paying through her Council tax for officers to administer this scheme, issue the permits and for our highly priced wardens to enforce it.

“In the new proposals these permits will cost £25 to cover the cost of administration. This is a missed opportunity to use the ‘parking product’ to raise revenues.”

Councillor Raistrick handed a petition containing 2,000 signatures to full council while Coun Kirton (Con, Hipp/Light) handed in one with 130 names opposed to putting parking charges on the car park in Wakefield Road, Hipperholme. They are also expected for Mill Lane, Bank Street and Church Lane in Brighouse.

“I am under the same view as Coun Raistrick.

“Why should people pay 50p to buy fish and chips or call for a newspaper, it is completely unreasonable,” said Coun Kirton.

“The parking charges will push people to park on the surrounding streets frustrating other residents who live there and causing a severe impact on the businesses of Hipperholme.

“Local business are struggling at the moment because of the recession and clearly we don’t want anyone to make it more of a problem.”

Councillor Raistrick added he was pleased there would be further consultation.

“I have asked for half price for an hour or the first half an hour free.”