Inconsiderate parking leads to police delays

Woodvale Road, Brighouse. (Near Brighouse Police Station and Swimming baths)
Woodvale Road, Brighouse. (Near Brighouse Police Station and Swimming baths)

INCONSIDERATE parking near to Brighouse Police Station is delaying officers from getting to major incidents.

Sergeant Dean Maddocks, who heads the Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team, said he has resulted to handing out tickets to motorists who are causing an obstruction in Woodvale Road in a bid to ease the traffic situation.

“Due to the popularity of the sports centre and swimming baths we are finding time and time again people are obstructing the junctions here,” he said. “People are parking on the junction to the swimming baths car park and to the police station entrance. They are parking on pavements and double yellow lines.

“Some are leaving very little space for vehicles to pass freely. On some occasions officers are not being able to get out to respond to emergency incidents.

“We are now trying to keep the ramp clear where we used to park the police van so we have an easier access. My team alone has already issued five tickets this month to vehicles and quite often they are those parking on our pavement and in the bays at the side of the station which are private and not for public use.”

He said the main problem was in an evening during the week. “We are having to be extra cautious when we are trying to get out and it will either cause an accident or it will jeopardise us getting to an emergency call. We are just asking people to be considerate and follow the highway code.”

Cones have been put out to prevent people from parking close to the junction in Bradford Road.

Councillor Colin Stout (Ind, Brighouse) said he would be getting in touch with Calderdale Council’s highways department about implementing extra parking restrictions. “I can’t understand why someone who attends the gym and walks for miles on a treadmill has to park directly outside the front door. Especially when there is plenty of parking spaces around in Thornhill Beck Lane,” he said.

“I am just concerned that if we restrict the parking much more in the area the problem in the side streets will become unbearable.

“We do need to address this problem because delaying the police even for a couple of minutes can make a difference. Would they park outside the fire or ambulance stations? So why do it at the police station.”