Huge support for Naomi walk

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THE family of the late Naomi Gough has been overwhelmed by the support shown from walkers who took part in a 73-miles charity walk.

Twenty-two people completed the three day hike from Halifax to Blackpool to raise money for the Naomi Cheri Gough Fund and SCARD - support and care after road death and injury.

It’s the fifth time the group has made the journey which is organised every year by Naomi’s parents, Steve and Bev, of Bailiff Bridge.

“It is overwhelming just how passionate people are who take part,” said Bev. “We have a lot of fun during the work although it is gruelling. A lot of the people have just met for the first time but after the walk they are friends for life and it is a great team effort yet emotional because of what it is for.”

Naomi died following a car crash in Halifax in 2007, aged 19. Since then the group has walked to the west coast resort every summer.

“We didn’t expect it to be this big and I really thought we would do it that once. But now we have people we have never met before so it has gone a bit wider which is really good,” explained Bev.

“The passion and determination that people keep showing to raise money for Naomi. I cry every year when I see them all taking part not just for us but for Naomi,” said Bev.

It is not sure how much money has been raised through this year’s walk but it is thought one woman from Castleford has raised more than £900 alone.

Plans are already underway for next year’s event and Queensbury Vans has agreed to supply the support vehicle.