How we consume the news is changing

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How people receive their news is changing all the time - the television news tell us that more and more people are accessing their news in many different ways now particularly through an internet connection.

This has meant accessing it through hard copy newspapers and magazines seems to be getting less and less.

I recall some ten years ago being asked to be the editor of a small magazine, an opportunity and a challenge I grasped with both hands. Eighteen pages to fill four times a year - no problem I thought.

After the first edition went out I received a telephone call ‘Congratulations Chris, please pass on my thanks to all the team...’ Team I thought - I was the team. The challenge gradually got harder and harder, the promised contributions from members never materialised. Writing and illustrating every page was difficult so after five years I decided to pass it on to someone else.

Looking at this team of school journalists I am sure they found putting the Hipperholme and Lightcliffe School Teen-Age magazine together far easier than I did. I dare say that if they were putting the magazine together now it would be more likely to be online rather than a paper version. This was taken in July of 1995 - Sadly I have no names but I wonder who they are and where they are now - did any of them go into the world of print whether it be in the paper format or on the internet?