How to put a Watch scheme together

Inspector Dave Shaw at Brighouse.
Inspector Dave Shaw at Brighouse.

In this month’s column I want to cover the topic of Neighbourhood Watch in the Valley Neighbourhood.

The area already has many successful Neighbourhood Watch schemes in operation but, as my mother used to say, you can never have too much of a good thing!

How does Neighbourhood Watch work?

The scheme will need a co-ordinator who will act as a point of contact with my local policing team.

The co-ordinator will share the information provided by the police to other residents in the scheme.

The co-ordinator is also responsible for setting up and managing the monthly meetings for the residents and will represent the group at the local council ward forums which my neighbourhood officers attend.

What are the benefits of setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme?

l Reduces and prevents local crime.

l Reduces the fear of crime.

l Addresses anti-social behaviour.

l Creates safer neighbourhoods.

l Builds greater community spirit.

l Helps build links with other community groups in the same area.

l Assists in the apprehension of criminals through members providing information direct to the police.

l Improves the quality of life of residents in the area.

l Criminals don’t like Neighbourhood watch schemes

l You are 80 per cent less likely to be targeted by criminals if you live in a Neighbourhood Watch area.

How will my team support you?

My team will provide residents and the coordinator with local crime and policing information for the area on a monthly basis.

This will allow for regular updates and effective communication between residents and the police.

If you are interested in improving your community and setting up a Neighbourhood Watch, please contact the Valley Neighbourhood Area policing team on with your details.

I will then task the local ward officer for your area to make contact with you to discuss setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

I want to end by saying with your help we can continue to keep the Valley a very happy and safe place to live.

Recently PC Andy Bingham, from the Valley Neighbourhood Policing area, has got involved in some work at Bethel Chapel in Shelf. 

PC Bingham is the officer with ward responsibility for Northowram and Shelf.

The officer was joined by two local fifteen-year-old males who had been causing anti-social behaviour outside The Therapy Rooms in Northowram.

After being spoken to about their behaviour, they showed they were responsible people and agreed to assist in clearing up some of the overgrown flower beds at the entrance of the chapel in time for their anniversary.

You can see from the before and after pictures above that, after some hard work in the pouring rain, the driveway looks a lot better and the chapel volunteers will now look at brightening up the flower beds.

Inspector David Shaw, who leads the Valley team, said: “This is a fantastic example of diverting disrupting behaviour early and getting different members of the community to come together for the benefit of all.”

By Inspector David Shaw - Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team