How long does it take to fill in a hole?

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AN angry store customer who broke her foot by falling into a large pothole was outraged after discovering it had not been repaired almost three months after her accident.

Margaret Bancroft from Southowram did not see the inches deep hole in the car park next to Wilkinson’s in Brighouse on January 16 as she let a mother pass by with her pram and small child.

The 66-year-old stepped to one side, fell into the hole and broke her metatarsal bone in her right foot.

She has had her pot and protective boot removed only a week ago and was shocked to find last Friday that the damaged section had not been filled.

Mrs Bancroft, who suffers from diabetes which meant she had to wait longer for her foot to heal, said on discovering that no work had been carried out that she was outraged.

“I am really angry and can’t believe that the hole is still there after all this time,” she said.

“I went into the store and told them it was unacceptable.

“My son told the staff that something needed doing immediately after I had my fall in January.

“There are lots of elderly people who use the car park and I am concerned that another accident might happen.

“Surely it shouldn’t take this long to repair a hole?”

Mrs Bancroft was shopping with her friend in the town centre and was planning to go help at St Martin’s Church on the day of the incident as staff waited with her until the ambulance arrived.

Her accident meant she was unable to drive.

A spokesman for Wilkinson’s store said the matter was in hand.

Since Mrs Bancroft’s concerns were reported by the Echo last Friday the pothole in the car park has been filled in.

The site, which is open to customers for the store, is run by the parking management company Apcoa.

The hazard, which was about seven inches in diameter was on the corner in the middle of the road close to the entrance of the store.

Cars will have driven over the hole in the parking area on a regular basis and made the hole even deeper.

Since finding out the damaged road has been repaired, Mrs Bancroft said: “I am just glad they have sorted it now because it was really dangerous.”