How hypnotherapy treatment claims to help shed the pounds

Julie Daroy and Rob Westall of Insight Hypnotherapy
Julie Daroy and Rob Westall of Insight Hypnotherapy
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VANESSA Feltz, Fern Britton and Anne Diamond are all known for having gastric band surgery in a bid to lose weight.

But Brighouse hypnotherapist Julie Daroy and her colleague Rob Westall believe they can help men and women shed the pounds without having to resort to the radical and sometimes dangerous medical treatment.

They claim that their programme, offered at their practice Insight Hypnotherapy in Martin Street, offers the benefits of gastric band surgery - but without the need for invasive surgery and the expense that it entails. Hypnotherapy techniques are used to ‘trick’ the mind into believing that a gastric band has been fitted - and the therapy is complemented with advice on nutrition, exercise and support.

Said Julie: “It’s a much more holistic approach than surgery. It works with the mind and the body. Gastric band surgery is very expensive - anything from £7-£10,000 to have it done privately - and it is really only offered as a last resort.

“The Gastric Hypnotic Band creates a state of mind where clients will believe they have had a band fitted. It deals with the issues around weight by releasing any mental blocks that are associated with losing weight and put the client in a more confident frame of mind to progress through exercise and healthy eating.”

One client likened the process to ‘having a switch flicked in my head’, making it easier to make the right choices about food and to eat smaller portions; another said she no longer craved chocolate, pizza and takeaways but ate healthier food, felt full more quickly and had more energy.

Julie is a qualified clinical and holistic hypnotherapist while Robert, who also works at Brighouse pool and leisure centre, is a qualified personal trainer, nutritionist and GP-referred exercise consultant. They have worked together on developing the hypnotherapy and lifestyle packages for about three months and are about to launch a new ‘tracker’ device which monitors an individual’s progress on the exercise and eating regime.

Julie said: “I have struggled with my weight for most of my life and have tried every diet under the sun over the years. But, using these techniques, I have lost more than a stone and feel much better for it. Rob is excellent at motivating people and increasing their self-confidence.

“Hypnotherapy has been used for many years as a method to help with phobias, anxiety and weight loss. We use a combination of hypnotherapy techniques, exercise and healthy eating, tailored to each individual’s lifestyle, for lasting success.”

Rob, who has worked as a fitness professional for more than seven years, said: “We believe we have spotted a niche in the market. If you’re carrying extra weight it knocks your confidence but so many people try dieting and fail to keep the weight off. We help people aim for a realistic goal and work with them to achieve it. It’s not a short-term fix.”

Insight Hypnotherapy offers two packages. The Gastric Band package, which includes two hypnotherapy sessions and two follow-up sessions with Rob, costs £350. The Lifestyle package, which offers eight hours in total with nutrition and exercise advice, hypnotherapy and on-going support, costs £495.

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