Hipperholme crossroads scheme revoked at Cabinet

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The controversial Hipperholme crossroads scheme has been revoked, after a newly led Conservative Cabinet resolved to consider alternative schemes or modifications to the junction tonight (Monday).

The Cabinet has resolved not to proceed with the proposed scheme and Calderdale Council will now look at alternative options to relieve traffic problems.

Halifax Town Hall

Halifax Town Hall

“I’m pleased that the new Conservative led Cabinet have been willing to listen to the views of local people,” said Coun David Kirton.

“Everybody who has spoken to me on this subject has been angry at the way Labour were forcing their plans on to the area.”

“The Council needs to talk more widely with people from Hipperholme and surrounding areas,” added Cllr Graham Hall, “and find an acceptable solution that preserves Hipperholme village centre, meets the needs of the local community and is not linked to previous proposals, or to any future new housing development, as we have had enough new building in Hipperholme”.