High school strikes silver

APPRENTICE finalist Clare Young and climber Andy Cave will be making special appearances at Brighouse High School’s open day.

The two stars will open a new climbing wall at the school in Finkil Street on July 12 as part of their celebrations for the school’s 25th anniversary.

The grand opening will take place at 9am.

As part of their celebrations held throughout the day there will be the opening of a new garden and polytunnel and youngsters will be showcasing some of their lessons.

Visitors are invited to observe and get involved in the classes which will be taking place.

Year Six pupils from the four feeder primary schools will be taking part in a sports day and fencing event and there will be art, drama and music exhibition in the evening.

A new Mulberry tree is to be planted to mark the milestone and there will be a 1980s themed cafe with memorabilia on sale and a 1980s style school lunch with pink custard.

A special dedication bench in memory of student Nathan Jones is also set to be unveiled at the event.

More is planned for the big event but details are yet to be confirmed.

The invitation is open to members of the community, parents and students past and present to attend on the day.

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