High jive for night of fifties rock ‘n’ roll dancing in aid of St John’s church

Rock and roll night at St John's church, Gooder Lane, Rastrick
Rock and roll night at St John's church, Gooder Lane, Rastrick

Dancers were reeling and rocking when they turned the clock back to the 1950s to raise funds for St John’s Church Hall, Rastrick.

Proceeds from a jive dance night at the hall will go towards the £22,000 that is needed to carry out essential repairs.

It is the fifth dance night they have held, and another is planned for Saturday, April 26 when a swing dance will feature the big band sounds of the 1940s.

Thanks to a lot of hard work and the success of previous dances, the organisers are now close to reaching their target.

At the most recent event, 80 jive fans rocked and rolled round the dance-floor to the heady sounds of Bill Haley and Jerry Lee Lewis, provided by DJ Maverick.

And help was at hand for those participants who needed to brush up their memories and their steps.

An hour before the evening got underway, there was an expert tuition session from professional dancers Halyna and Jeremy who offered tips and advice.

One of the organisers 
Julia Tum said: “The jive night 
was just as successful as previous dances.

“The dancers came from far and wide and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. In fact many of them expressed an interest in continuing with these evenings in the future.

“A lot of hard work went into the evening but it was all worthwhile. I am delighted with the response we got.”

Organisers are still counting up the final total but believe they are now nearing their target.

In addition to the music there was a bar and beef sandwiches were available.

The money is needed to modernise the community hall’s kitchens and bring them up to modern standards.

“We had a great army of volunteers from St John’s who helped to make the evening go with a swing,” said Julia.