‘Help yourself to an award’

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BRIGHOUSE will not have an overall entry in this year’s Yorkshire in Bloom competition.

Instead members of the 3Bs, who organise the annual entry, are encouraging individual schools and community groups to enter.

The 3Bs plan on taking a year out and during that time they hope to encourage traders and others in the town to support the entry to try and achieve higher recognition.

Members of the group feel unless they attain full co-operation and co-ordination from traders and council services the town will never pick up more than a silver award.

For a number of years Brighouse has gained silver recognition and last year the 3Bs were hopeful of going up a notch to silver gilt.

Chairman of the 3Bs, Mr Nick Yates said a lot of hard work was carried out and he was disappointed the town did not get a higher award.

“I feel we have gone as far as we can and unless we have support from traders and more backing from the council we will not progress,” he said.

Concern was expressed that if the group took a year out Brighouse might not be entered in the competition in future years.

But Mr Bill Terry stressed that was not the case.

“Taking a year out is no reflection of the people here who support us, including staff from Calderdale Council who work hard to make Brighouse look attractive,” he said. “We need to take 12 months to encourage others to come on board and give their support.”

Mr Yates said the group needed to concentrate on environmental aspects of the competition which meant involving young people and community groups.

In the past the 3Bs had provided hanging baskets to traders in the town but not everyone was prepared to water them and having a display of dead plants did not help.

Cleaning the town centre was also an insurmountable problem and while council staff did clean areas of weeds and litter it was only a short time before the problems returned.

Mr Terry said trying to get the town spotless was very difficult and if Yorkshire in Bloom judges saw areas strewn with litter or overgrown with weeds points were lost.

Many traders in the town were not prepared to take responsibility for cleaning the front of their premises or dealing with weeds.

Mr Trevor Cornwell felt it was important the town was entered in the competition and Mr Brian Mansfield was also disappointed Brighouse would not have an overall entry this year.

Schools and community and residents’ groups will be invited to enter the competition backed by the 3Bs. In previous years Bailiff Bridge Community Association, Sunny Bank Residents’ Association and Waterloo Road allotments have been praised by Yorkshire in Bloom judges and received awards and it is hoped they will enter this year.

By having more individual entries the 3Bs hope the Brighouse area will achieve a greater number of awards.

Lesley Adams, from Simply Flowers, who last year organised successful street markets in Brighouse, is to be invited to a future 3Bs meeting.

“Hopefully with Lesley’s support we can encourage more traders to help Brighouse achieve a higher award in the competition in future years,” said Mr Terry.