Warning to groups as flu cases on the rise

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NHS England has launched it’s ‘The earlier, the better’ awareness campaign to encourage people to nip health problems in the bud and avoid unnecessary stays in hospital.

January and February will traditionally see more flu cases than any other months of the year.

Health bosses from NHS England, West Yorkshire are encouraging people, especially those in the at risk groups, to make sure they are vaccinated against the virus.

Rona Daniels, vaccination and immunisation lead for NHS England, West Yorkshire, said: “Flu is still circulating in January and February so if you have received a letter from your GP inviting you to have a free flu jab and you still haven’t been vaccinated we would encourage you to go to your GP and get protected.

“By being vaccinated you will not only be protecting yourself, you will help to prevent the spread of flu among your family, friends and the community as a whole.”

The ‘flu jab’ is free for individuals who have a higher risk of developing complications if they catch influenza, such as those aged 65 years or over, pregnant women and those with long term health problems. If you believe that you have a condition that would make you eligible of free flu vaccination, GPs can assess people individually to take into account the risk of flu exacerbating any underlying illness you may have.